The E-Tech Department of After-sales Service, Warranty and Post-Warranty maintenance

The E-Tech Service Center is one of the largest authorized after-sales service supporting the world's leading manufacturers of heating equipment in Russia. The high status of our Service Center is based on three important components: expert knowledge, rich practical experience and broad technical capabilities.

Up to date expertise

Technical progress in the production of boiler and heating equipment brings to the market ever more cost-effective and efficient solutions. However, likewise any modern technology, not only does practical efficiency increase, but also the complexity in repair and maintenance increases. The development of professional personnel is as constant and necessary a process as the technology improvement is. Therefore, we pay great attention to the regular maintenance of the qualification of service engineers on the basis of training programs of manufacturers, participation in information seminars on novelties of heating equipment and applied technologies, practical study of new equipment on the basis of our service center. Our employees have personal certificates from manufacturers and necessary approvals for all types of work.

Modern equipment

The downtime of the heating system, especially during the cold season, is critical. Quick diagnostics and high-quality repair of technically complex equipment are impossible without modern tools. The fleet of service vehicles of the E-Tech Service Department is equipped with everything necessary to effectively solve problems for the minimum number of visits to the facility.

The most in-demand parts can be replaced immediately after diagnosing the problem. If repairs are associated with the need to replace complex or rare original parts of boiler equipment, our logistics department will ensure their delivery as soon as possible.

Honored trust

The E-Tech Group of Companies is one of the oldest companies in the market of heat engineering equipment and services in Moscow and the Moscow region. We have been focused on providing a full cycle of services for our customers since we started our activities many years ago. Our motto is long-term positive relationships with customers. Therefore, together with the development of retail and wholesale sales, we also paid special attention to the growth of our service center. For many years we have accumulated a great experience in repair and maintenance of all models of boiler equipment present on the Russian market. The practical skills of our service engineers have been honed over the years and tested in practice.

The best evaluation of our work is the hundreds of objects participating in the annual maintenance programs, and tens of thousands of satisfied customers.

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