E-Tech Industrial Construction Department

The E-Tech Industrial Construction Department engages and provides: engineering design, configuration, construction and the installation of fuel and energy facilities, consumer networks, communication systems and security. A full range of turn-key projects: from expertise and approval to commissioning.

E-Tech Industrial Construction Department

The Industrial Construction Department is the largest structural branch of the E-Tech Group of Companies. In order to deal with a wide range of demanding challenges, the Department has its own design and assembly units, departments for integrated supply and personnel, a logistics service integrated with a construction, freight and service vehicle fleet.

The E-Tech Group of Companies is a team of professionals, modern technical equipment, direct equipment supplies, own production, and certified quality control system (ISO9001).

Pre-project study and design of the initial permissive documentation (IPD).

The study of initial data, which is the first stage of any project, determines the qualitative parameters as well as time and resource expenses and financial requirements for facility construction. As a rule, the receipt of IPD needed for construction, reconstruction, technical re-equipment and major repairs of buildings and structures is received before the main design starts and the main IPD documents include:

  1. Decisions and orders of the administrative authorities;
  2. Technical conditions for connection to utility networks: gas supply, electric power distribution, water and sewerage, storm sewage, roads, telecommunications and data communications;
  3. Land Plot Development Plan;
  4. Customer's Terms of Reference.

Design Works

E-Tech ISO 9001

Our own Project Department of experienced professionals, who constantly advance their qualification, is always ready to develop full necessary project documentation for facilities of various complexity at the earliest opportunity. Modern licensed software and accounting software with high accuracy will determine the needs of your project without any cost increase due to large-scale calculations performed by obsolete methods and with excess reserves. Our employees are ready to travel to your facility wherever it is.

Before starting construction, a project is to go under the governmental, commercial or industrial safety expertise, depending on its characteristics. To ensure maximum efficiency and operational economy of facilities, our specialists perform the following calculations:

Equipment and Materials Supply

E-Tech Supply of equipment and materials

The E-Tech Group of Companies is the official distributor of leading manufacturers of boiler, burner, heat exchange, pumping equipment and chimney systems in Russia. We arrange both delivery of individual items and complete package of construction projects at the earliest opportunity.

Our advantages:

The E-Tech Group of Companies is one of the three largest suppliers of premium heating equipment in the Russian Federation.

Construction and Installation Work

Installation of Boiler Rooms

Installation of Boiler Rooms

The E-Tech Industrial Construction Department is responsible for a full range of construction works of stand-alone stationary, built-in, attached, transportable modular boiler houses throughout Russia and the Customs Union.

As a rule, new construction is made when it is not possible to install a modular boiler station or when a high-power model is needed. With sudfficient expertise and extensive practical experience, we are able to build modular boiler statios of any complexity. The individual approach to every client that our company applies when planning the construction, consider all the factors that can complicate construction and installation works from the quality viewpoint. You can be sure that our professionals are ready to perform the most challenging tasks and always able to complete the construction work without delays.

Installation of Gas Pipelines

A laying method of gas pipelines is chosen depending on the terrain characteristics, the existing buildings and an economic component. E-Tech professionals have sufficient expertise and technical equipment to perform the installation of gas pipeline in various laying methods. Qualification of our personnel is confirmed by necessary certificates of compliance and other certificates.

Installation of Steam and Hot Water Pipelines

Installation of Steam and Hot Water Pipelines

The E-Tech Industrial Construction Department also specializes in installing steam and hot water pipelines. During installation we use materials of the highest quality. All employees involved in installations of such pipelines have the necessary permits and approvals. Following the completion of installation works, upon agreement with the customer, our company can perform calculations for strength and rigidity with subsequent declaration of such a pipeline.

Installation of Water and Sewage

Today, no modern building can operate without water supply and sewage systems. Modern water and sewage systems have different levels of complexity and installation special features depending on the purpose of the building. User convenience largely depends on competent and good-quality installation of these systems. That is why we recommend using our services. Our professionals have a high qualification that allows to make all the installation work quickly and efficiently.

Heat and Power Equipment

Heat and Power Equipment

Over time, the heat and power equipment wears out and its life comes to an end. In such cases, we propose to replace such equipment. The E-Tech Industrial Construction Department performs the following types of work:

Our professionals will help you determine the works needed as well as the scope and terms, choose the best equipment and materials that will significantly reduce the cost of construction and further operation costs.

Pumping Equipment and Valves

Pumping Equipment and Valves

When building or reconstructing engineering systems of various buildings and structures, one of the crucial stages is to install of pumping equipment and stop valves. Safety of people's lives largely depends on how well the work is performed and how correct the equipment is installed from the technical viewpoint. E-Tech Group of Companies provides a full range of services for installation of pumping equipment and stop valves. Our qualified professionals will not only perform all necessary work without delays and in a good manner, but also, if necessary, conduct professional consultations on the selection of pumping equipment and stop valves. This will significantly reduce the costs associated with searching for the optimal solutions and will allow to purchase equipment all parts of which will be well interfaced.

Installation of Electric Power Equipment, Instrumentation and Control

E-Tech provides a full range of services for the installation of electrical power equipment, instrumentation and control. Our staff has all the necessary permits and approvals. Years of experience allow us to perform the installation in a quality manner along with observance of all technical standards and legal requirements.


All equipment installed in the boiler station can not be operated until the start-up and adjustment and commissioning works are completed and the inspector of the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Oversight of Russia does not approve the technical reports on the commissioning of the automation of safety, boilers and water treatment equipment.

Properly performed commissioning ensures reliable operation and easy maintainability, while achieving or exceeding the expected energy efficiency of boilers and heating equipment as well as the safety of the systems installed.

Our professionals develop and coordinate with the Customer and the Federal Service for Environmental, Technological and Nuclear Oversight of Russia on all the methods of commissioning and operational tests for each particular facility.

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