Energy-Efficient Solutions

Development of program and methodological complexes to identify, implement and analyze energy-saving measures; assessment of project embodiment to improve energy efficiency.

Special economic benefit from the use of frequency converters is the use of frequency control at facilities that provide transportation of liquids. Until now, the most common way to regulate the performance of such facilities is the use of valves or control valves, but today the frequency control of an asynchronous motor driving, for example, the impeller of a pump unit or a fan, is absolutely affordable.

Power consumption for various pump speed control methods

Power consumption for various pump speed control methods

The E-Tech Group of Companies constantly monitors global trends in energy saving technologies and increases in efficiency of equipment. Our specialists carry out calculations of economic efficiency from the introduction of new technologies at existing facilities as well as comparison of CAPEX to the resulting savings.

ENES ИТЭКAll-Russian competition of projects in the field of energy conservation and energy efficiency held under the auspices of the Ministry of Energy of Russia, that were summed up within the framework of the international forum "Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving ENES" that took place in Moscow November 20 to 22, 2014, the project of boiler houses reconstruction under the terms of the energy service agreement in Nizhny Novgorod was awarded the "Best Industry Practice".

Boilers with economizers or retrofitting of them allow to obtain significant fuel economy spent for heating the coolant (sometimes for the purpose of obtaining steam) and provides for the use of waste gas energy not used before its introduction.

Equipment with frequency converters (frequency regulation) for solving standard problems of almost any enterprise or organization: saving energy resources, increasing the service life of technological equipment, reducing costs for preventive maintenance and repair work, ensuring operational control and reliable control over the technological process progress.

The E-Tech Group of Companies looks forward to energy efficiency. To date, one of the key promising areas of development are cogeneration and trigeneration.

Functional diagram of Vitobloc cogeneration unit

Functional diagram of Vitobloc cogeneration unit

The introduction of cogeneration systems on the basis of gas-piston units that generate electricity allows the company to obtain additional heat energy into the grid or, in case of trigeneration, direct it to cold production. Achievable effect is a significant reduction in costs for the purchase of electricity, and in some cases, even a refusal to purchase it.

The main advantages of cogeneration plants are:

Installation of lifting device (GPU) and gas turbine units (GTU) on boiler houses allows them to most rationally use the heat produced in combination with their thermal circuit with the boiler house. Electricity generated by GPU can partially or completely cover the needs of the boiler or the enterprise as a whole.

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