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The E-Tech Group of Companies provides support at all the stages of construction — from design and procurement to installation and commissioning. The supplying of the whole range of engineering equipment and materials for the engineering networks and structures of the fuel and energy complex.

E-Tech construction and supplyThe integrated approach of the E-Tech Group of Companies to construction and procurement is based on a deep understanding of the coherence of executive and business processes. The well-thought-out design of the facility is not limited to the low cost of equipment and the implementation of the Terms of Reference on paper. No less important the supply and delivery schedule is. Qualitative integrated approach helps to minimize delays at construction time and further reduce operating costs with insured reliability of installed equipment, system maintainability and energy efficiency.

The efficiency of heat and power facilities and networks is made up of a whole range of factors: competent setting of technical tasks at the start, quality and completeness of the implementation of the finished project, the amount of financial investments and the time spent on construction and commissioning, the costs of operation and maintenance. The optimum use of resources while achieving a qualitative result is possible only with single source of responsibility and competence.

ИТЭК официальный дистибьютор

The E-Tech Group of Companies is the official distributor of European and Russian leading manufacturers. This allows us to solve design problems in various alternative versions with a large selection of brands and models of basic and auxiliary units, elements of load-bearing networks, reinforcement, installation, consumables and decoration materials. Based on our broad capabilities, experience and responsibility, E-Tech will develop an optimal proposal, focusing on your project' unique aspects and requirements.

The E-Tech logistics service will perform both urgent delivery of equipment necessary for your facility and scheduled deliveries to any point of Russia clearly according to the project schedule.

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