Production of Modular Boiler Stations

The E-Tech industrial enterprise manufactures modular boiler stations for standard and custom projects for heating and hot water supplying, with the use of any type of fuel: gas, coal, diesel fuel, combined types, with a heat output from 0.1 to 150 MW.

Production of Modular Boilers E-Tech

Modular boiler plant is an autonomous mobile source of thermal energy and hot water supply for production, housing and social facilities operating in automatic mode and not requiring the constant presence of technical personnel. The use of ready-made developments and designs, factory assembled packages and modular solutions ensures short production times, fast and efficient supply, installation, testing and commissioning of facilities.

Modular heating station is a factory product prepared for installation and operation — a spatial structural module with mounted equipment. The equipment applied can be domestic and imported. The choice depends on the technical requirements of the customer and the features of the execution of the technological scheme.

Modular boiler stations can use any type of fuel:

A heating boiler station may consist of several modules, delivered to the site by railway or motor transport. On the installation site, the blocks are assembled in one whole building and fastened to each other with bolted connections. The design of a heating boiler station is a one-piece metal frame with enclosing structures made of sandwich panels 50-150 mm thick, depending on the climatic region.

Advantages of Modular Boiler Stations

Advantages of E-Tech Modular Boilers

The modular boiler station is a complete factory product and is supplied with all necessary documents: passport, operation manual and certificate of conformity. Prefabricated packaged system undergoes thorough quality and performance testing at the factory prior to shipment so the start-up and commissioning tasks are greatly reduced, ensuring on-time and on-budget project completion.

Modular boiler plants can be installed in any convenient place for the customer, both as stand-alone building or as a part of existing facility. The system is designed to take up less space without sacrificing serviceability. The installing team only needs to prepare the foundation, set the unit in place, make the piping connections to the system and provide electrical power to the power distribution panel. Modular plants are supplied complete with all the necessary and ready-to-install  sub-assemblies, including chimneys.


High quality of technological equipment, application of the most up-to-date and reliable equipment, automation, safety and control means ensures accident-free use of boiler systems under any natural conditions as well as reduces operating costs, excluding the constant availability of operational personnel. All the boiler houses are necessarily equipped with an electronic control and dispatching systems, which, in the event of emergency situations, immediately notifies the on-call services of the operating organization.

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